Wadi darbat, Salalah Dhofar Oman Wadi on the way to Mirbat, Salalah Dhofar Oman South Arabian writing, Salalah Dhofar Oman Camel, Salalah Dhofar Oman
Dhofar is the name given to the southern region of the Sultanate of Oman.  This area is geographically unique, bordered on one side by the tropical Indian Ocean and on the other side by the huge Empty Quarter Desert.   Salalah, the second-biggest city in Oman, sits in a huge oasis surrounded by plains and mountains.  To the west, through a high pass of mountains, is the Yemeni border, whilst travelling east along the  remote coastline will take you through some spectacular geological formations, evidence of just how ancient this land is.

Dhofar is famous throughout the Gulf  for two things – The Khareef monsoon, and frankincense trees. In fact, it is the unusual climactic conditions of the monsoon which allow the frankincense trees to grow so well in this region.  Khareef  starts around June and finishes before September.  During this time people come from all over the Gulf to experience the cool, misty rain and the beautiful green mountains.

Frankincense trees thrive in this climate, and frankincense resin is a treaured Dhofari product.  Frankincense has been exported from the Dhofar region for thousands of years – the old ports at Sumahram and at Hasik were used to export frankincense to Rome, Egypt, and even ancient China, and the camel caravans that once crossed the desert would have been laden with frankincense.