Haffa Souq, Salalah Dhofar Oman Sultan Qaboo's mosque, Salalah Dhofar Oman Haffa Souq, Haffa Souq, Salalah Dhofar Oman Salalah Dhofar Oman
Half day tours can be organized for mornings or afternoons at times to suit the individual or group requirements.  This tour will not run on a Friday. The tour last approximately 3 to 4 hours and will take in some of the sights around Salalah. Our experienced guides will collect you from any of the local hotels.

The first destination will be to visit the fossilized camel footprints said to be the footprints of Prophet Saleh's camel from one of the ancient stories of the Qu'ran. From here the tour will go to the Fish and Vegetable Souq where all kinds of local seafood, caught that morning, will be on display. The tour will pass by the  Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and onto Old Salalah to see some of the older buildings in the city.  Nearby is the Gold Souq, where locally-made gold and silver jewellery is sold by the gram. After the markets, the tour will move on to Al Husn Palace, built by the present dynasty of Sultans, and then onto Haffa Souq.  This is the famous Frankincense Souq, and here you will have an opportunity to buy frankincense resins, perfumes, clothing, scarves and handicrafts.  The next stop will be Al Baleed Archaeological Site, the remains of a huge walled city dating from the 4th Century AD which is located on the outskirts of Salalah. Next to this is the Frankincense Lands Museum, which showcases the local history including sailing traditions, frankincense, and the artifacts found from archaeological exacavations around Dhofar.  Finally, you will pause for some refreshment including fresh young coconut juice and local bananas and papaya at one of the fruit stalls before being returned to your hotel.