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Desert Tour

Beyond the rocky mountain ranges which encompass Salalah and its surrounds is the beginning of the Empty Quarter - Rub' Al Khali in Arabic – the huge sand-sea which extends from this part of Oman all the way to the outer reaches of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  Here, time stands still, the silence is absolute, the light and the colours of the dunes are ever-changing, and at night, the stars are the brighest you will ever see.  The harsh but pure beauty of this enormous desert is breathtaking. To truly understand Arabia, you must come to the Empty Quarter.

We offer Day Tours, Sunset Tours and Overnight Tours.  All day tours will include light snacks, water, juices, and the ticket prices for any attractions visited on the tour.

The day tour will leave at 8am and take the Muscat Road to Wadi Nahiz.  From here, the tour will proceed into the mountains passing spectacular Ragkot Valley, famous for its rare honey.  We will visit frankincense trees and then go to  Thumrayt and on to Shisr and its Iron Age remains, discovered by satellite and believed to be the Lost City of Ubar. After visiting the Beduin camp at Hadhef, we travel along Wadi Hadhef into the Empty Quarter desert itself to see the large dunes and experience the silence. We return to Salalah at around 4 pm.  Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

The Sunset Tour leaves Salalah at  2pm to arrive in time to catch the light leaving the desert.  After viewing the sunset, you will be taken back to the camp at Hadhef for a traditional Omani dinner before returning to Salalah at around 9pm

The Overnight Tour leaves Salalah at 2pm.  You will have opportunities to see both sunset and sunrise in the desert, and you can sleep under the stars or under cover depending on preference. A full Omani dinner and a continental breakfast is included. The tour will arrive back in Salalah at around 10am the following day.

Safari Tours

These tours are designed to take in the more inaccessible parts of Dhofar, travelling to some of the mountains not included in our other tours, zig-zagging through smaller villages and some of the hidden wadis and wilder parts of this area. 

These tours can be organised for morning,  afternoon or full day. All tour prices include water, juices, and light snacks.

For a 2-3 hour tour, your guide will collect you from any of the local hotels, and will  take you first to Job's Tomb in  the mountain-range of Jebal Qara.The tour will pass through the village of Titam to the green mountaintop of Hijayf Mountain, and then down to Sahlnoot Springs, a freshwater spring which is especially beautiful during Khareef.  The tour will return to Salalah along the coastal road.

The 4-5 hour tour continues on from Hijayf Mountain to the mountain town of Madinat Al Haq before descending to the permanent body of fresh water at Wadi Darbat.  Your guide will show you the bizarre karst limestone terrain around Darbat, including the waterfall, and the tour then proceeds on to the small coastal town of Taqah. The tour will return to Salalah along the coast road.

The all-day tour of 6-7 hours duration will collect you in the morning from any of the local hotels and take you to the Qara mountain range and Job's Tomb, passing through Titam to the top of Hijayf Mountain. We will visit the ancient karst limestone landscape along the ridge of the mountain range, stopping at the Tawi Atayr Sinkhole and then at the spectacular ravine of Taiq Cave, one of the largest and most-recently discovered cave-systems in the world. We will then go to the highest point in these mountains, at Jebal Samhan. Here the air is cooler, mist often envelopes the higher reaches,  and there are sweeping views of the plains and sea below.  We  return to the plains below and visit the strange Magnetic Hill, where you can observe what happens and wonder if it really is an optical illusion.  The tour will then move on to Wadi Darbat and the waterfall, taking a tour around the landscape of this huge natural wadi, before returning to Salalah along the coastal road.

Longer Coastal Tours

We can also organise longer tours to Sadeh and on to the  village of Hasik along the beautiful and remote coastline to the east of Salalah.  The journey to Hasik takes a full day, and the tour would need to leave early in the morning.  An overnight stay can also be arranged.  The way to Hasik takes you through some of the most ancient and incredible landscape in Oman, past enormous ravines, massive rock formations and deserted beaches edged with startlingly blue sea.  Hasik itself is an ancient fishing-village, once a port known to Arab sailors and traders who exported the valuable local Hojary frankincense from here.  In the seas around Hasik, abalone and lobster abound and turtles come to lay their eggs on the beaches, and in the mountains and hills there are secret wadis where migratory birds flock. This trip is a must if you have the time.  For this trip, we need 24 hours notice.