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Bird-watching, Beach Camping, Looking for Leopards, Self-Guided Road Trips, On-call Support and Lots More, From Muscat to Salalah and Onward

We can offer all sorts of assistance to make your time in our country an amazing experience.  We know very well that some people want something out of the ordinary, some people have particular reasons for wanting to visit Oman, and some people would prefer to guide themselves (with a little bit of help and support along the way!)  

Are you a bird-watcher? Do you want to find gazelle?  Or search for the infamous Arabian leopard? This region of Oman has some spectacular bird-life, and some annual passing tourists such as flamingo and turtle, as well as numbers of wild animals, many of whom are nocturnal and shy and shun the more populated regions.  Let us take you hunting with binoculars, through the landscape that most tourists will never see, in search of these more elusive Dhofari residents.

For visitors who prefer to get right out of town, we offer overnight and longer beach-camping tours along the remote and deserted coastline of Dhofar. We will take care of the equipment and catering,   leaving you free to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.  We can organise these trips to be as close or as far away as you would like, from beaches near to Salalah, to the distant silent reaches of A'Shuwamiyah and beyond.

Maybe you prefer to travel without a guide, but would like the reassurance of local knowledge and support throughout the Dhofar region and on to the rest of Oman.  Maybe you would like to drive yourself, but you didn't bring your car...
Or maybe you would like to cycle Oman, or hike or climb or run.  For whatever you'd like to do, and however you'd like to do it, we can provide extensive local knowledge and support, from the Yemeni border in the South right up to the Musandam Peninsula beyond the UAE, and all the highways, byways, villages, oases and wadis in between.  

Additionally, we can provide car hire, sports equipment, GPS and mobile telephone access and on-call assistance and maps for people who want to take themselves on tour.  We can help you work out the best ways for you to see Oman, to have as much or as little adventure as you want.   Although we are based in Salalah, our knowledge of this amazing land extends far beyond the Dhofar region.  We know Oman because we are Omani, and we love the great outdoors as much as you do.  We want you to experience the beauty of this country and to leave Oman with wonderful memories.

Contact us and explain what you would like, and let us work with you to make your time in Oman exactly how you want it to be!